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But then, cows don't usually graze on modern courses.Golf is an ancient sport dating from around 1100, although the modern game dates back to the mid-1400s in Scotland.The first course in the United States--all of three holes (some say six)--was in Yonkers, New York, in 1888.The game quickly caught on in this country, and golf courses became places for people to relax and make business deals.Composers of new sequences must understand the combinatorics of permutations, the physical constraints of heavy bells, and the long history of the art and its specialized vocabulary.Change ringing is a little-known but surprisingly rich and beautiful acoustical application of mathematics.

He recalled that one of a caddy's duties was to carry a cloth or wad of toilet paper to clean any golf ball that came in contact with a peculiar type of local hazard--fresh cow dung.Ripley, later a Topeka businessman himself, also recalled a bit of graffiti on the front wall of the course's clubhouse.It read, "Armin Fassler shot a 36 on Easter Sunday." The clubhouse sat on Fourth Street across from the present day Potwin Presbyterian Church.In the early 1990’s, it swept into North America, and today it is the fastest growing team sport.22Dragons, out of Montreal Canada provides the event management including all equipment, race day oversight and the professional steersmen for all the teams.

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