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I had her dress in her white spandex compression shorts.I then spanked her for a while before proceeding to the main event, as it were: ginger. He could lead a conversation about gardening that would leave one’s thighs quaking for the moistness of dirt. He lingers at the ginger root, fingers it, and glances at me. This is me with a peeled ginger root (affectionately called figging) shoved up my whipped-for-my-Owner’s-pleasure ass.

You are now left with the options of either NTFS or ex FAT. Well its not FAT32, actually its compatible with FAT64. Mine is Drive: N Now, if you're formatting a drive that is 1TB (Terabyte) or more you might get this error message: “The volume is too big for FAT32”.Its not free, but they have a free trial and if you use our Geek Drop coupon you get 15% off: NDJDD15. They’ve got a basic instructable on figging, along with a data collection worksheet you can fill out and upload with your “results”.cand86: @Outof Shell: Lol, considering all the spankings and figging (ginger in the tush) and whatnot going on behind closed doors in Victorian times, I’m not quite sure that’s the right adjective :) Lux Alptraum: A partner once tried to fig me. Lux Alptraum: The burning aspect of ginger is the main point of figging.As I recall, it was intensely painful and I had to tap out pretty quickly. Becky Sharper: Apparently I have not read nearly enough Victorian porn, because I had NO idea what figging is until this thread.

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